10 Apps Every Content Creator Must Leverage On

I want to say a big thank you to technology, life is easier and business is more fun. Are you enjoying it? Or I should mind my business. I am a Content creator and Productivity coach. I help individuals and brands scale up productivity and visibility leveraging on content creation. Without technology and smartphone applications, my job will be so difficult and almost impossible. So I am sharing with you 10 amazing apps that do the magic for me.


I am glad to announce that I wrote this post on writer plus first before transferring it here. This app helps you write and document your content. It is not cloud-based, but very reliable for content writing. Surprisingly, I seem to flow better when writing on writer plus.


To be on the safe side, I use Google docs to create contents I wouldn’t want to lose. This is a Google cloud base application, that saves your contents in the cloud and grants you access to them even if you lose or change your phone. It has been saving lives since 1903.


Creating an online course has never been easy and sweet until I met Google slide. I know we have other apps like power points. But I used Google slide and loved it. The simplicity and easy-to-use functionality are just amazing for me. I love Google slides.


Creating content with numerous errors can be so frustrating and bad. GRAMMARLY is a keyboard application that helps you spot errors like the inappropriate use of punctuation, wrong spelling, wrong grammar, etc. It reduces the possibility of creating error-filled content. It has been saving lives since 1807. Also read:


Otherwise called Google to keep. This is a cloud-based Google application that serves like google docs. This app helps save your contents in the cloud. I love its appearance and enjoy working with it as I find it so comfortable. Especially with the knowledge that my works are saved in the cloud. FOR GRAPHICS. PIXELLAB. This remains my number one smartphone graphics app. I love Pixellab so much because of its tremendous features. I call it my smartphone photoshop. Many people find it difficult to use. But that app has made graphics fun for me. The other challenge is that it is not cloud-based. But it is still awesome because it is an offline app. Imagine charging #10, 000 for a design and end up spending nothing. Not even buying data. It is offline and that excites me. CANVA. When I can’t access Pixellab, canvas does it for me. This is another amazing tool that brings endless smiles to me. Remembering that canvas got me one of the biggest clients makes me happy. Most times I just feel like looking for the creator of canvas and giving him or her a hug. This app has made many people professional graphic designers. It has already-made templates and also gives you the chance to design from scratch. AUTODESK. This is another application I liken to Adobe illustrator mainly because of its appearance. I use this app to create cartoon pictures and create amazing smudge paintings. It’s an awesome app and. It works well for me. VIDEO EDITING. KINEMASTER I have a lot to say about this app, but time will fail me. This is the best smartphone video editing app for me. It makes video editing look professional. Mastering this app makes you look like a superhuman. In fact, KINEMASTER is on another level. It is not your mate-tity. PRODUCTIVITY. MAKE ME. BETTER. Just as the name implies. This app makes me better. Take away every book from me and just give me this app. I will be better, just like the 4 Hebrew Boys. This app helps with lessons that aid your growth. It is an awesome app. I love it. The list is endless, but I will stop here. Thank you for this opportunity to share the apps that have made my business fun. I hope to know which app does it for you. Are you a content creator, which of these apps do you use? You can share yours too. Do you want more? What business do you do, probably I can share apps you can use to stay ahead in your business game subsequently. Got value? Yes or no. As long you are ready to read, I will keep sharing.


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