In 2016, At The Pick Of Boko Haram Attack, CAN President Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor reported by Premium Times to have made the following statement


In 2016, At The Pick Of Boko Haram Attack, CAN President Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor reported by Premium Times to have made the following statement

“As far as I am concerned, the perpetrators are not human beings and in my own opinion, when they finally die their corpses should be given to pigs because they are on the same level with


Umayya A. Nuhu
Who is Boko haram than you CAN president and your boss GEJ.

Aliyu Danja
So that you go to market and buy those pigs, huh? Tell Jonathan the truth may be he will listing to you. A drunkard lacks positive thinking. He has shamed those who voted for him.

Kamal Haladu
@ Oritsejafor!In that case,you are the first person to be given to pigs even before you die because you are the Boko Haram(xtian wings).Those who carry attack in army uniforms are CAN agents in disguise. Shame on you and yu are a disgrace to Nigerian xtians.

Nuruddeen Muhammad
Compare this kiddish comment and the sultans comment and you see that this man is an animal.may be a product of baby factory,that is
why he always lack the wisdom to make usefull comment when ever such issures of national concern happen.

Fagoke Oluseyi Osdavoice
Mr CAN president, u don’t deserve to be CHRIST LIKE, can’t you tell it to God to stop all these? if you were Jesus in those years you will call fire to burn them all. Don’t forget Stephen who was stoned still pray for fogivness.

Aminu Babayo
Oritsejafor do u think we did not understand that U and GEJ are the boko harams?

Abubakar Salisu Lawa
Yes he is right because they are pigs like him.

Okoye Emeka
The statement from d CAN president is uncouth for nd highly regrettable. Hw wil it profer solution to d series of problem bedwiling us. Pple shuld refrain frm making statements dat re injurious to us. Its reli a pity dat som of our so cald elites re short of ideas nd myopic in reasoning.

Keen Fahad Shehu
PASTOR AYO U Ar the mean cusor of boko haram we know this zombie!

Abu Usama Mukadas Dindey
You are the Boko Haram,you and GEJ God will
punish all of you. God shall replace all these your evil acts with your families

Abdul Madaki
Including u nd ur mama he goat

Yusuf Na’Allah
Its CAN that sponsor bokoharam mr oritsejaki.

Sulaiman Gidan Dabino
it true mr. monkey, but corpses of yr xtians not of muslims should be given to pig.

Taneem Khan Dutse
There is no boko haram but you CAN stop lies to us you are agains muslim and want distroy
nourthern region we have already knows you

Ibrahim Fada
To hell wit d CAN PRESIDENT. GEJ is d monster
bhind dis boko haram. Bcos he give less concern of it. If not y traveling to kano for his campaign. Blood sucker.

Naasirudeen Sani
Did you know that Boko Haram are Christian and they carried out their operation based on the recommendations of the bible, Read this: Luke 19:27, Luke 12:51-53, Luke 22:35-38, Mathew 10:34, John 2:13-15, Ezekiel 9:5-8, 1Samuel 15:1-8, Number 31:17-18 and alots more, no doubt Christianity is a terrorist religion, as you can see killing is one of foundimental piller in christianity, they killed Jesus on the cross together with an armed robbers Just to celebrate his dead.

Ahmad Gatari
God punish you

Abubakar Ibrahim Toro Adam
Then u have to stop killing our muslim brothers
orderwise ur life will be distroyed.

We believe some if those that made these comments are either kilked by Boko Haram or fulani terrorist today

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