TikToker Black Chully and Content Creator Cries Out, As Series Of Knack-Tapes Of Her Leaked [Video]

Black Chully Leaked Video: Nigerian popular TikToker and Instagram celebrity, who doubles as Content Creator, Black Chully has taken to her social media page, via TikTok to cry out, after series of controversial tapes belonging to her, made it to the internet.

The tapes, which was allegedly leaked by an insider, has Black Chully performing all forms and sorts of s*xual activities, as she teases herself to gain orgasm.

As at Saturday evening, June 4, 2022, the Nigeria social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok have been flooded with the contentious videos.

Fast forward to hours later, it already got the sight of the content creator, that her secured and encrypted videos has made it to the net.

Reacting to this through live video via her TikTok page, Miss Chully noted in tears that she doesn’t know how the video got leaked online.

See her live TikTok video crying and insisting she didn’t release the variety of tape herself.


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She also stated that she can swear with her womb that she didn’t release those numerous pelomical tapes of herself performing some coitus stimulation.

Chully equally cleared that the videos have securely been in her phone for the past few years, and surprised how an insider or probably a blackmailer got access to her smartphone to steal the tapes.

She indirectly tendered apology to her fans, as well as her followers, as she curses the person who did this to her. Chully remarked that whosever released her videos must surely cry more than she did before the person dies.

Black Chully wrote, “Since y’all know how to share people’s mstrbating n*des, please share this to the host of that group.

“I don’t know how he’s getting those videos. I did not post those videos myself. Those videos was in my phone since last few years. I don’t know who got it out. He’s going to cry before he dies.

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