How to Score High in this Upcoming Jamb, 2021 Guide

How to Score High in this Upcoming Jamb

It surprises me whenever I meet with Jambites who struggle to score barely 200 in JAMB. I begin to ask myself, “What is so difficult about JAMB that lots of students struggle with it?” From my findings, I discovered that lots of students are not knowledgeable about how to pass JAMB and pass it very well.

It is not as difficult as most students think. As a result of this, I decided to come up with this write-up which I titled “How to Score Very High in Jamb” discussed below;

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Have Target

Personally, I believe that there is nothing impossible that one cannot achieve. In scoring 280 and above in the UTME exam, the first step is for you to believe you can achieve and set a target on the score you want to have at the end of the day.

Over time, I have observed that most students do not have a specific score they want to have in the JAMB. All they do is just read without a specific target. However, I always encourage Jambites to set very high scores as their target. Setting a target will help you to be focused on what you want to achieve in the exam.

Study Diligently

It is not all about studying hard; it is about studying diligently. Kindly get the JAMB syllabus and past questions, studying closing to identify the core topics JAMB often repeats year in year out. If you can study those topics very well, I think the job is halfway done.

Also, understand your study pattern and not emulate friends. I used to have friends who loved drinking lots of water whenever they were studying. Hence, it is left for you to learn to study smart in preparing for the exam.

Do not Cramp but Practice

I remember practicing my JAMB past questions up to a point where I knew almost all the answers offhand. I had different forms of past questions for each of my subjects. What I am trying to point out is you need to practice very closely especially the JAMB past question because it will expose you to the patterns of questions set by JAMB. Also, it has been proven over time that JAMB repeats questions from previous years. You can be fortunate to come across such questions during your exam.

Do not be involved in Malpractices

The prevalent thing among Jambites is relying on different forms of examination malpractices to score very high in the exam. But unfortunately for them, they end up having very low scores despite the exam malpractices.

If you want to indeed score 300 and above in JAMB and eventually gain the much-desired admission, stay away from exam malpractices before, during, and after the exam. Funny enough, the majority of courses taken by year-one students are topics selected from the JAMB syllabus. So if you fail to study now, if you still encounter those topics even after you gained admission through the back door.

Do not over Stress yourself, have Much Rest

I know this point may seem unnecessary to you, but it is of great importance if you truly want to perform very well in your UTME exam. The problem most studious students do have is their inability to set out time to have some rest. The human brain is often stressed a lot by constant study.
Hence, it is advisable for you to always take intermittent rest. It looks so funny to me whenever I meet students who study all night a day for their JAMB exam. To me, such study places sheer pressure on them. A day to your JAMB exam is for you to take out time to rest and ruminate on what you have studied over time.

Share your Knowledge with Friends

The popular saying that no man is an Island is applicable in this situation. As a jambites do not isolate yourself. Make friends with fellow Jambites and exchange ideas with them because you can never know everything on your own. However, do not make friends with the dullards who would draw you back all in the name of making friends; make friends with those you will learn a great deal from.

I remember when I was preparing for JAMB in 2017 I encountered a group of guys in WhatsApp and Facebook groups and some at the school library where I used to study. These guys were very intelligent and I learned a lot from them. Besides learning from friends, making good friends helps you abreast with any latest rumor or news about the exam. I know a lot of people who could have performed very well in JAMB if they had been exposed to timely information.

Always Pray

Prayer can never be ruled out. In everything you do, put God first. The bare truth is you need God’s direction when preparing to score 350 and above in JAMB. As a matter of fact, such a feat is attainable even without any special center ‘during the exam. I do not support or encourage students to enroll in special centers ‘for exams; I always believe in merit.

Test your self

If you search on Google now, you will find thousands of online free CBT websites and apps that can help you prepare and pass the JAMB examination. In my view, no student should take the JAMB examination without practicing at least 20times with a good JAMB CBT app.

JAMB CBT apps are very important because they tend to put candidates in the exact exam condition they will be when writing the JAMB examination. For instance, you can fix the time you want to use for your questions with a good CBT app. By doing this, you are inversely learning how to manage your time very well.

Accordingly, one of the best ways to overcome fear for the JAMB examination is by testing yourself. It will make you feel strong. The truth is that you cannot possibly do very well in the impending JAMB examination if you do not test yourself. Whether you use an app or not is immaterial.

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