How To Set Up Working PayPal Account In Nigeria FULL GUIDES (photos)

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine. Today I will talk about How To Create Working Fine PayPal Account Here In Nigeria 2021 , A lot of people asks me through Instagram DM

So today’s talking point will be this. If you are a new blogger or Freelancer and wants to know How To Create Working Fine PayPal Account Here In Nigeria 2021 then read this full article. because as a blogger or freelancer you must surely need paypal account for transactions from other part of the World.

You Cant just work as a blogger or freelancer without owning one paypal account,so it very important you have one which can work here in Nigeria

A lot of people just rush to PayPal Website to create an account and later find out their account can only receive payment but it cant send out payment , And nothing hurt more than this , having money in your account and cant send out , its makes the account somehow useless.

How To Set Up Working PayPal Account In Nigeria

As i said earlier at start You need working paypal account that can send out and receive in peace not account full of headaches and this account can send and receive funds as friends and family or goods and service , so boss lets explain some things before the tutorial, this same account we are going to create can still allow you to withdraw your funds from your PayPal balance to your nigeria bank without any issue but we are not going to explain that now , If you think you need the tutorial you can write me on whatsapp +2348138334248. so let discuss while we are here today

In this tutorial we will be creating ICELAND PayPal account for a reason , like i state earlier that PayPal doesn’t allow Nigeria account to send out , so we will be going with Iceland account

i know you will be wondering about how to go about creating another country account and you will be like will my Nigerian details work? lol

if that what just cross your mind , am happy to tell you that your Nigerian details can work perfectly fine without any issue at all… so smile because we will bypass that in an easy steps worry less

Creating Working PayPal 2021

Here are some info that will be need along the creation:

  • Email
  • Your Desire Password
  • Your Names
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Postal Code ( check for your address postal)
  • Phone Number
  • NIN or Driver licence or Passport
  • Others

Don’t Use Vpn When Going About Signing Up

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